Lion King Premiere!

25 years ago the Lion King joined the Disney Family! The NEW live-action Lion King will debut on July 18th, and we have the PERFECT accessories for you wear to the premiere!

Pandora released their Lion King collection this week and its’ full of amazing charms, bracelets, rings, and earrings! The collection features Simba, Nala, Timone, Pumba, and Mufasa!

Stop on in today to shop the collection for all your Lion King needs!

Hakuna Matata!

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Line Spotlight- Lotus and Luna!

Lotus and Luna bracelets are created in Northern Thailand in a village outside of Chiang Mai.

Each bracelet design is extensively thought out by designers from San Diego and the artisans from Thailand. Once the design template is agreed upon, the artisans begin handcrafting every bracelet. It normally takes 1 to 3 hours to make each bracelet, but can take up to a whole day depending on the intricate design.

The mission of Lotus and Luna is to allow female artisans to earn a fair and equal wage in Thailand.

Here at White’s. we carry a large amount of Lotus and Luna Bracelets, including the NEW Healing Collection!

Stop in today to shop the beautifully handcrafted Lotus and Luna Collection!

Lotus and Luna 1.jpeg
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Happy Independence Day!

On July 4, 1776, we became a nation all our own!

Every year we celebrate with cook-outs, fireworks, and parades. This year stop in and see all of the red, white, and blue jewelry we carry, so you can celebrate the 4th in true patriotic style! You can choose from options in Pandora, Luca + Danni, Lotus and Luna, T.Jazelle, and so many more!

We hope you have a great 4th, from all of us here at White’s!

Fourth of July.jpeg
Fourth of July .jpeg


Ania Haie is a London-based company that specializes in jewelry that expresses modern individuality. Each piece is crafted from sterling silver and plated in either rhodium, 14k yellow gold, or 14k rose gold.

Every Ania Haie collection defines the latest fashion trends, and can be stacked or layered to express her individuality. The unique designs add more of a modern feel to any fashion statement.

Here at White’s we carry many pieces from Ania Haie’s collections! We have many sterling silver, gold, and rose gold options to choose from. While the collections make a modern statement, they combine a more luxurious feel with an accessible price tag!

Stop in and browse our Ania Haie collections to showcase your individuality!

Ania Haie 2.jpeg

West Virginia turns 156!


From the rolling hills to the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, rich Appalachian history to scenic landscapes-- no wonder we call this beautiful state “Almost Heaven!”

This year our mountain state turns 156! We’ll be celebrating here at White’s with our MANY West Virginia themed jewelry items. We carry our exclusive “Almost Heaven” T.Jazelle bracelets, State of West Virginia Love Pendants in silver and gold options, State of West Virginia earrings and necklaces in silver and gold options, and many blue and gold pieces to choose from!

Stop in and take a look at all of our options to show your love for our beautiful state! And remember,

no matter where you roam-- these country roads will always take you home.

West Virginia 1.jpeg
West Virginia 2.jpeg

Holly Yashi Collection

For over 35 years, Holly Yashi has created quality, handcrafted artisan jewelry. The signature styles feature colorful and lightweight rare niobium metals, and materials like, Swarovski crystal pearls, Bohemian and dichroic glass, hypo-allergenic metals.

Every piece of jewelry, whether it may be, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, is handcrafted one piece at-a-time. The rare niobium metal never tarnishes or fades, and hold permanent color, that is chosen from a wide variety of colors. The coloring process truly brings a unique feature to the jewelry.

Here at White’s, we carry a wide range of Holly Yashi’s jewelry! We LOVE the uniqueness and beauty of every piece. Stop in and check out our collection that is just as unique as you are!

Holly Yashi 1.jpeg
Holly Yashi 2.jpeg
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Father's Day!

The first observance of Father’s Day happened here in Fairmont in 1908! Since then, Father’s Day has grown into a nationally recognized holiday that is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June! With the holiday quickly approaching, here are a few gift ideas that Dad will surely LOVE!

We offer a variety of unique and personalized gifts for him! From cuff links to bracelets to watches, you can buy him the perfect gift! Pictured below are: cuff links, stainless steel bracelets tie pins, Citizen watches, and Groovelife Silicone Rings!

Stop by and let us help you choose the perfect gift this Father’s Day!

Cuff Links under $50

Cuff Links under $50

Stainless Steel Bracelets under $100

Stainless Steel Bracelets under $100

Tie Pins under $40

Tie Pins under $40

Citizen Watches-prices vary

Citizen Watches-prices vary

Groove Rings-prices range from $29.95 to $39,95

Groove Rings-prices range from $29.95 to $39,95


T.Jazelle is a jewelry line that is handcrafted in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The line consists of women’s gemstone bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, men’s bracelets, and now apparel!!

Along with the wide array of charms, T. Jazelle offers many stone options for bracelets, from Amethyst to Sunstone. Each stone has a different trait ranging from balance to prosperity. Every bracelet is assented with two Pyrite stones that are worn to bring good luck and good fortunate to all who wear them.

Every T.Jazelle bracelet is truly unique, even our exclusive Almost Heaven bracelet here at White’s! We worked exclusively with the company to design our signature bracelet that embraces our rolling hills and beautiful scenery.

We love featuring T.Jazelle jewelry in the store! Stop by the store or check out our social media pages to see the many options that T.Jazelle has to offer!  

Each piece of jewelry is designed first by selecting stones and then matching them to a wide array of charms to create a beautiful and stylish design that has a special and precious meaning to those that wear it.

Stay in the LOUPE with us!

Our owner, Jann Stewart, was quoted in an article for the Next Gen Voices & Views section in the latest RJO’s issue of IN THE LOUPE! When asked the question, “...What are some examples you foresee of how digital technology will affect the retail jeweler going forward?,” her response was, “I feel digital technology affects many aspects of how we run our businesses today. From social media to advertising, being available to the customer in an instant is crucial.

It is important we creatively engage with our customers through social media, giving them insight to what jewelry we have, what services we provide, and who we are as a store. It also is important we consider digital options for advertising. Digital gives us the opportunity to recommend ourselves to customers and to be at their fingertips immediately.

We have so many choices of digital advertising media, allowing us to choose what fits best with the demographic we are trying to target.”

Here at White’s, we utilize multiple social media outlets to let our customers know about the merchandise we have. Check out our Facebook Page and our Instagram to stay up-to-date with our latest styles and brands!

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February's Top Jewelry Brands

Here at White’s Fine Jewelry we strive to carry lines that are timely yet timeless. Our focus is to meet your needs and satisfaction while staying up-to-date on the current trends and styles.

In the April edition of  INSTORE magazine, the Top-selling Jewelry Brands in February, were mentioned. Out of the top eighteen brands, we carry nine of the lines: Lafonn, Citizen, Rembrandt Charms, Royal Chains, Cargo Hold, Frederic Duclos, Ostbye, and Stuller.

We are proud that we carry some of America’s top rated jewelry brands! It is our pleasure to bring these top brands to Fairmont and the surrounding areas! You can check out the article by clicking the link included below!

Feburary Top Brands.PNG