T.Jazelle is a jewelry line that is handcrafted in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The line consists of women’s gemstone bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, men’s bracelets, and now apparel!!

Along with the wide array of charms, T. Jazelle offers many stone options for bracelets, from Amethyst to Sunstone. Each stone has a different trait ranging from balance to prosperity. Every bracelet is assented with two Pyrite stones that are worn to bring good luck and good fortunate to all who wear them.

Every T.Jazelle bracelet is truly unique, even our exclusive Almost Heaven bracelet here at White’s! We worked exclusively with the company to design our signature bracelet that embraces our rolling hills and beautiful scenery.

We love featuring T.Jazelle jewelry in the store! Stop by the store or check out our social media pages to see the many options that T.Jazelle has to offer!  

Each piece of jewelry is designed first by selecting stones and then matching them to a wide array of charms to create a beautiful and stylish design that has a special and precious meaning to those that wear it.