Stay in the LOUPE with us!

Our owner, Jann Stewart, was quoted in an article for the Next Gen Voices & Views section in the latest RJO’s issue of IN THE LOUPE! When asked the question, “...What are some examples you foresee of how digital technology will affect the retail jeweler going forward?,” her response was, “I feel digital technology affects many aspects of how we run our businesses today. From social media to advertising, being available to the customer in an instant is crucial.

It is important we creatively engage with our customers through social media, giving them insight to what jewelry we have, what services we provide, and who we are as a store. It also is important we consider digital options for advertising. Digital gives us the opportunity to recommend ourselves to customers and to be at their fingertips immediately.

We have so many choices of digital advertising media, allowing us to choose what fits best with the demographic we are trying to target.”

Here at White’s, we utilize multiple social media outlets to let our customers know about the merchandise we have. Check out our Facebook Page and our Instagram to stay up-to-date with our latest styles and brands!

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