Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday June!

The pearl is the traditional birthstone for June. Pearls are also the 12th wedding anniversary gift. Pearls come in many sizes, shapes and colors. There are freshwater and saltwater cultured pearls. All of these factors create price variations. Natural pearls are extremely rare. There is estimated to be over 100,000 species of mollusks and only 14 produce pearls.

Pearls are organic gems that form inside the tissue of a living mollusk (either an oyster or a mussel). The mollusk secrets a substance called nacre when an irritant such a piece of sand or a parasite invades its shell. The mollusk continues to secrete layers of nacre, until the nacre covered speck becomes a pearl. This process usually spans the course of two years.

Pearls are worn to show class, wealth, wisdom and status. They're a classic jewelry staple that every woman should have in her jewelry collection.

You can also use Alexandrite for June's birthstone. It is a natural color changing gem. The synthetic version of the gemstone has all the natural properties of the natural gemstone, it's just lab grown. It can vary from green to purple to red. Most of the time it's a light purple color.

For more information about the Pearl or Alexandrite visit GIA.EDU/ALEXANDRITE and GIA.EDU/PEARL